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Book a Librarian

Need individual, uninterrupted help from one of our friendly librarians? Welcome to Book-A-Librarian!

The Book-A-Librarian service allows you to reserve appointments with librarians for up to one hour of uninterrupted, personalized reference assistance.

Book-A-Librarian if you need:

  • Training in the library’s online research databases for some school, business, genealogy and other research
Library tours and instruction in use of the library catalog

  • Help with general computer basics, including internet navigation and word processing

  • Help with selected government and employment resources

Note: Librarians are not legal, medical or tax professionals. Some questions or topics may lead to referral to these or other information providers.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment please complete the Book-A-Librarian form. A librarian will respond to your request within three business days. Appointments take place at the library during normal operating hours.

If you have a quick question for a reference librarian you can also call 812-683-2052.

Book-A-Librarian Request